May 14 11 9:45 PM

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OR,  Words of Warning - sounds ominous but these things need to be said. 

If you are sensitive and easily hurt then do not post anything on The Big Fun Friendly Craft Forum that might receive comments which will upset you!  This is a public forum and you really don't want the whole world reading about your personal problems or your personal health issues. 

This may not only be embarrassing or hurtful, but can even have a negative impact on your craft business reputation! 

Sadly, people have lost jobs and friends by making unwise comments on social network sites.   Let's have none of that here, please! 

Additionally, if you read someone's post that you have a knee-jerk reaction to and want to post a reply that you know deep down they won't like, PLEASE reconsider, for the sake of harmony.  Just walk away from it.  Or wait a while and calmly write a calm reply.

If anyone is upset with anyone else, it is best to keep all of it off The Big Fun Friendly Craft Forum.  Screaming matches, arguing, etc., generally get you nowhere, and will most likely be deleted as soon as I hear of them.  If it reignites, I might just delete the posters.   THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE! 

And perhaps most importantly, please don't give out personal info of your own or anyone else's.   Safety is no joke. 

Happy Crafting! The Boss