Mar 4 14 7:54 AM

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Are you familiar with QR code?  You can create them online for free.  We made one about two years ago, and have it displayed in a clear acrylic photo frame at the front of our booth.  Most people these days have QR Code reader apps in their phones (you can download them for free, too), and can scan or photograph your code box and voila, they have ALL your contact info!  Saves ink and paper, and therefore a little bit of money, and you can claim to be eco conscious/responsible, and trying to save trees, or have a smaller carbon footprint...and some shoppers really love that.  

But it is fast becoming simply the way things are, and people don't think twice about it - they just see it and scan it automatically.   There are still a few folks who don''t know what it is, or their phones are older and can't scan it, so we keep a few actual cards tucked away just for them. 

So far we have not had issues with the reader apps not being able to scan our code through the acrylic frame.  The only problem has been the wind blowing the frame over, or people accidentally bumping it.  So we keep a very small brick in our box of market supplies, and set it on the "foot" of the frame - holds it in place nicely and is unobtrusive. 


Happy Crafting! The Boss