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Feb 26 14 8:01 AM

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I have not made anything in a LONG time.  But recently I saw a hand sewn felt wallet pattern on etsy that I liked,  and bought it.    Here's the inside with card slots of the first half of the one I am making.  I used colors I didn't like, because I needed to use them up, and because I figured this would be just a practice try...good thing I didn't use my favorite colors because as you can see, my stitching is AWFUL!!!image
This is only the first half. I may stop here! The second half is an accordion pocket with zipper. Then you put the two halves together and sew on the cover. No, I will forge ahead and complete the project.

Okay, so I carefully cut out the pattern pieces...but because the felt is thick, the felt pieces don't exactly line up with the pattern pieces after they're cut. Everything moves around. SO...I trimmed as best I could, but that in itself is tricky.

Next, you place the required pieces together, and stitch by hand. Well, I can't seem to sew straight up from the underside....need practice. LOTS. The thickness makes it tricky. And if you bend the pieces up just the teensiest bit, to see where to stick the needle through, it moves the layers a little...and BOOM, they are out of alignment. SO frustrating!!

Pinning the pieces together also moves the alignment around...because of the thickness. The woman who designed the pattern tells you to use binder clips...very useful and clever idea, but a bit cumbersome. It was almost easier to not use anything at all. And then PRACTICE!! And stay calm!  I think I need to do chalk lines for the stitching...or baste them in to single layers, in an off color. Then remove later. Hmmm, might be difficult...maybe I could simply tie the layers together here and there with a single stitch, to hold them in place, and then remove that thread afterwards...?

The end, just to show how many layers there are to stitch through.It’s not any thicker than a leather wallet.



Happy Crafting! The Boss

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