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Nov 13 13 2:51 PM

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Hi to everyone, I'm a new member based in the UK. My passion is candles, I love and hate them. Love them when they burn well, smell great and last ages. Hate them when the tunnel, have no scent throw and burn up wax like there is no tomorrow!
I look forward to sharing my experiences, swapping hints and tips and just some general chit-chat.
Please feel free to drop me a line!!

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Nov 13 13 3:12 PM

Welcome McSporran! Really glad you have joined.

Hopefully soon there will be some more chandlers to chat with. I have tried my hand at soy candles, both pillar and container. They burned well. Some scents "threw" and some didn't. None ever sold at market, darn it. They were priced more economically than those in big box stores, but alas, no one bought them. Maybe I should have raised the price.

I am inspired, now that there is a chandler here, to try making some again. In the morning I am going out to my "shed" to root through all my supplies for holiday scents and colorants. I'll keep you posted!

Happy crafting,

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